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to reapply, there's about 56 of them in louisiana and mississippi, to reapply for loan forgiveness. it would be up to about $400 million up to the communities to apply including about 30 million that they've already paid us in principal and interest. so to me this is something that really shouldn't be in this bill. i'm not saying that it -- it may be important, may be critical but not part of the sandy supplemental. host: so if i'm hearing you correctly, there are things designated emergency within this but not necessarily specific to sandy. guest: right. and there are things in here where they're nice to have. for instance, even going all the way down to the small there's $20,000 for the department of justice inspector general to replace cars that were damaged by sandy i guess, i mean new equipment. well, the justice department has more than 40,000 vehicles. but i kind of think that they could take one out? this shouldn't be viewed as free money. that was proposed by the administration. it's also people in the administration wanting to feather their nest as well. host: as far as your analys
, a mississippi democrat, number four is collin peterson, a minnesota democrat, and all of those had about 11% turnover. . the third best member is representative bennie thompson, a mississippi democratcompare te that for the average office, and for several members over 50%. three of the top for our democratic house members, and then we have a senate republican. host: next up is david in california on our line for independents. caller: i wanted to know, is that behavior -- indicative of a psychopathic nature? [laughter]guest: i think we would need psychologist in here to answer that one third host: yeah. -- that one. host: yeah. sandra. go ahead. caller: i had a comment and a general question. i do not think it matters who you are working for. i have been in the private sector in my experience is it typically does not take a lot of experience to treat people decently. what bothers me is that would really impact my vote if i even got a hint of someone that is not treating people decently. i would not vote for them. i am a democratic support, a huge obama supporter, and what i have admired is w
, mississippi, part of the base of the republican party is done. we're talking about immigration, that's how he got elected. when you look at the base of the republican party and you look at the nra, it evolved into this. the only conversation we're having right now because of 20 dead white kids in connecticut. in every gunshot wound in costs $20,000. there's 20,000 or 30,000 black kids killed in the inner city because the widest people in this country are being manipulated by the radical white ring -- right-wing to vote for them. host: we will move on to an gayle king in louisiana, a democrat. what are your views on gun control and. -- moving on to gylayle in louisiana. caller: i'm actually in houston, texas. host: i apologize. tell us your views on gun control and whether they have changed. caller: no, my views have not changed. as long as people like wayne lapierre, the republicans and democrats afraid to lose their office, men, women, boys, girls, as long as there's money involved, it will never change. thank you. host: smitty is in farmington, new mexico on our republican line. caller: tha
the biloxi, mississippi, independent line good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i don't believe the congress our president will do anything different. they pretty much laid out their lifestyles and the thing they intend to do. they looking for ways to decrease spending but it seems to me that we've elected some people to go into these positions to make our decision for us and they seem to be pretty much self-serving. if you get an ineffective congressman who can't do his job and proven can't do his job by going in there and serving couple years and then gets voted out, well that congressman still gets a pension for the rest of his life and it's well over $100,000. we got thousands of those guys out there collecting this money. if you took a job and or expected to serve 20 years and do ineffective job and couldn't do that, would you expect to get a pension for the rest of your life? why should we be paying these guys this money? ineffective? fire them and take their pension away. if they're effective, let them take it. host: larry thanks for the suggestion. ron has thi
in mississippi, this was the governor before haley barbour. i was painting on his house. he had about seven or eight illegal immigrants. i know they were, because he had one guy that knew how to speak english, and he had one guy that knew english and spanish both. he told those guys what to do. the next governor is saying you're doing a wonderful job and everything is working and stuff. he knew that they were illegal. so, in other words, if you got the politicians that already know they're illegal, even let them come in their own backyard and work, i put my brush down. i could not work any more for the man, i'm sorry. but he knew who they were and what they were doing, and the company that they were working for, you know, it was a big company that was running this tree service and stuff. they knew what they were doing. it's corrupt and put a lot of people out of work in america. and that's what happened to a lot of people. host: thanks for sharing your perspective and story. fawn johnson, any response to that? guest: yeah, i think the thing -- i was on the phone with an advocate actually fo
in the mail. host: here is the last call -- mississippi, independent line, go ahead caller: i retired in 2006 and i had $129,000 in my 401k and i kept reading on the internet that before obama was nominated, get your money out of the stock market. i did not think much about it and the week he was nominated, i had $92,000 left. i have talked to many other people and they lost like 75% of theirs. this has never been on the news or anything. i think this contributed to the stock market drop. guest: i appreciate your circumstance. when we look at the market decline that happened in 2008 and continued in 2009, it did not quite go down for everyone as broadly as it did in the circumstances you put forward. the market has come back a little bit and rebounded. often what happens is that when people see the market go down, we tend to pull out of the market at the wrong time and go in at the wrong time. we tend to over-invest when the market is going up and put more money in equities and less money in those fixed incomes that give you a lifetime -- host: is the website -- thank you for your ti
's hear from a republican, jimmy in mississippi. caller: good morning. several things. first off, the hispanic people, i have a great regard for those people, because they're very family-oriented. i do not have any problem with them coming into this country, as long as they are coming into this country legally. i think we can utilize our military. instead of people having to serve three or four times a going overseas, fighting in afghanistan or iraq, we can utilize our military and military intelligence to help on that. along with the good people that get across our borders, we get some very undesirables. i think terrorists are probably coming across our borders and we do not realize it. another point i would like to make, i don't think abortion should be used as a form of birth control. i can understand situations of or rape, then i would agree. i don't believe it should be used as birth control. the other point is our president went into this country on his first term talking about working on our infrastructure. we have a 300,000 bridges in this country that failed at a rate of
jobs for the citizens. host: ken from mississippi on our independent line. >> good morning. representative delaney, i am going to challenge you and c- span. the simpson-bowles national commission on fiscal responsibility and reform, this was the most critical first step in solving the u.s. financial crisis. a lot of people -- and some of them that i will quote are small sample of the political and other authorities and supported simpson-bowles. was erskine bowles, a democrat, and alan simpson, a republican, tom coburn, a republican, dick durbin, democrat, judd gregg, a republican, alice rivlin, alan greenspan, former federal chairman, paul volcker a, a former federal chairman, michael bloomberg, mayor of new york, david walker, former head of the gao, warren buffett -- host: tell us what you are concerned about that? caller: because that is the white elephants. this is the challenge i have for you, congressman, and for c- span. every financial person that comes on, ask them a simple question -- where would our country be today had we adopted the simpson-bowles report? we wo
winning. that is something else i want to concentrate on this year. any. -- already in mississippi they are trying to steal the votes. trying to change the electoral votes. if you don't have a plan you can talk to the community about, is not going to fly with the community. if you cannot pull that off, you will not steal the election. that's what i want the republican party to pay attention to. you will walk in 2014. they have to play fair. it has to be a fair election. that's one of the biggest things that aggravates me about the republican party. they know they cannot win, so they feel they will steal the votes. that just will not happen. thank you. host: on facebook -- matt in maryland, in the penn line. caller: hi. one thing i want to say is i'm independent, leaning democrat some white. i do like obama. i just think if he submitted a budget that did not pass, it's his party. instead of them saying no budget was submitted, resubmit the budget, make the changes that need to be changed for his party to agree on something. then go back and forth with its. i don't understand why we
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9